What We Do

Didn't know there was a "Niche"?

"Pallet Networks" will collect and deliver your 2 or 3 standard pallets and be cost effective doing so.

"Full Load Carriers" - If you can fill a trailer with 26 pallets this is generally the cheapest way of delivering your goods.

However, Time sensitive, Tail Lift, Self Unload and Odd Size Pallet deliveries generally cost more.

What We Do

And that's the difference, "The Niche"

  • There is a huge gap between The Pallet Networks and Full Load Carriers.
  • That's "The Niche" and that's our business.
  • Our fleet of rigid vehicles carry up to 16 pallets.
  • We are extremely competitive on any part load up to our capacity.
  • It's what we do, and have been doing, for many years.
  • We understand the special requirements of some companies throughout the UK who can't fill a trailer or need High Volume vehicles to carry lighter, but more bulky loads such as Packaging, Polystyrene, Catering Disposables, Roof Insulation, Plastic Mouldings, etc.
  • And that's the reason for our very special fleet: Built New on Mercedes chassis, our vehicles comprise of an 8.3 meter, long, 2.65 meter wide and 2.7 meter high body. All have 1.5 tonne tail lifts and are Fully Tracked.

Don't Forget

Time sensitive, Tail Lift, Self Unload and Odd Size Pallet deliveries.

What We Do

The UK Is Where You'll Find Us

We are extremely lucky to have a customer base which covers a wide area in the UK. From our home base in North Yorkshire, our truck's set off at the beginning of the week and return on Friday or Saturday after covering many miles throughout England, Scotland and Wales.

With our main collection and delivery areas being:
Castleford, Manchester, Wrexham, Stoke on Trent, Birmingham, Hereford, Cardiff, Yeovil, London (all areas), Norfolk, Cambridge, Newark and Sheffield, including all areas in between.

I am confident we will always be in your area if we can be of service.

What We Do

Big Enough To Cope, Small Enough To Care

It's a very old quotation, but could not be more accurate in its use, than with Alert Logistics Ltd.

As you will read on the Our Team page, the company has been built over the last 30 years with a determination and attitude of a professional approach, meeting all timed deliveries, keeping all loads safe and presenting them in the exact way they left the collection point.

We realise WE are YOUR representatives, YOUR shop window when at your delivery, so it is always our aim to "Make You Proud" of your delivery system.